Twirling & Coordination Workshops



All First Light Entertainment workshops’ are coordination based. Our workshops use twirling skills in a creative fun, colourful and interactive way. This promotes Brain Gym, increases motor skills and of course hand eye coordination!
Open to age 5 years and up, both adults and children.
First Lights’ Coordination workshops are suitable for a wide range of environments: remote communities to large district schools, local fetes and markets to big festivals, both school holiday and after school programs’ as circus activities, for the business world as a team building exercise or stress relief and for those wanting to learn The Art Of Fire Dancing.
Workshops can run from 20 minutes, to several hours, or even in a series over several weeks. Unless otherwise arranged, class size is limited to 30 students and is operated by 2 expert First Light Tutors and includes full Public Liability Insurance. First Light supply all equipment required and quality equipment is available for sale at the completion of workshops if desired.

  Option 1 - Interactive Fun
Ages 7 years and up, both adults and children.
Learn the art of Staff, Poi and Rhythm Sticks -sometimes known as Devil or Tricky Sticks.
  Option 2 -Recycle/Re-use
First Light Entertainment will send a list of household recyclable, to be collected by participants in advance. Students will be shown the various steps required to create and their own Poi. Once each student has created their hand made Poi, we will then teach the coordination and movement required to Poi Dance.
  Option 3- Little Ones Fun
Ages 5 years to 8 years.
Teaching coordination through the use of Poi, Rhythm Sticks, Balls, Balloons and every little ones favourite …Bubbles!
This workshop finishes with children creating their own take home Animal, by twisting and turning their Balloons.

  Option 4 –Eye Candy
A combination of any of the above workshops involving a Stilt Walking display, with 1 costumed Stilt Walker. Using movement and twirling interaction between students and the Stilt Walker. Includes discussion on stilt construction, safety, technique and performance.
This is often a first time experience for students to see and meet a Stilt Walker and is always a high light. Please note- Eye Candy is an addition to any of the above workshops & is display only, we do not offer Stilt Walking Tuition.

  Option 5 – Fire Fun Performance
Ages 15 years and up.
An opportunity to learn Fire Art. Twirling Staff and Poi in a safe environment. Feel the heat, the power and excitement of Dancing with FIRE. These workshops include Twirling Skills, Fire Safety, Fuel Knowledge, Equipment Care, Performance Tips- both back stage and on stage.
This workshop can finish with a choreographed Fire Show, where students perform and participate in the full production of their own Fire Dancing Display, managed by First Light Entertainment.
Please note an extra insurance is required for this option.

Combinations of all workshops are available





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