Ultra Violet Light Show



U.V shows are a visual experience like no other! They are best exhibited on a stage with no other light than U.V although they can be performed in a pumping nightclub or outside in a darkened area lit with U.V Light.

“The Natural Progression”
Our current U.V Show, running from 6-12 minute tells a story of Growth and Life Cycles. We use Stilt Walking, Costume, Illusion, Dance and Movement to create a surreal performance, which is a pleasure to view.

U.V Stiltwalking Characters
Ride The Gumsnake Serpent - Roving performance.

2 Dwarf like creatures ride the Gumsnake Serpent across the top of your dance floor. Our Serpent is suspended between two stilt walkers to create this illusion, he concertinas in and out 1 to 6 metres as he glides through the crowd. Gumsnake is fully flexible and reflects any colour, he glows in pitch black and of course is designed to shine at his optimum under ultra-violet light. Gumsnake has been purpose built for dance parties and is also suitable for night parades. During the day ‘Gumsnake’ transforms into the creation creature ‘The Rainbow Serpent'!

Pascal The Puppeteer And His Pretty Puppet Penelope
- 1 Stiltwalker and his Human puppet, great Roving or as walk by for Arts Events.

  Preview the U.V. Light Show
This short Film Clip gives you an opportunity to take a preview of our Fantastic U.V. Light Show.

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