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First Light Entertainment have been making and selling high quality twirling equipment, for fun twirling and dancing, since 1998 both in Australia and New Zealand.
We create and supply Fire Sticks, Fire Poi & Fire Devil Sticks. We also make Practice , U.V and Day use Poi, Rhythm and Devil Sticks.These toys increase our motor skills and greatly improve our hand eye coordination.
All First Light Fire Toys comes with 30 cm of quality “63mm Tubular Kevlar “on each end, with no catch screws. All prices include postage & packaging anywhere in Australia & New Zealand. Includes First Light Fire Safety and Maintenance Instructions.


  Fire Staff $70(AUD)
Available in 4 sizes; 1.5m, 1.25m, 1m, 0.8m lengths.
Constructed of strong aluminum, will not bend, leather and sparkle grip handle.
Twin sticks or Doubles @ 80cm each. (AUD) $125 per pair.
Fire staffs can be tailored to your requirements.


  Fire Poi or Fire Chains $70 (AUD) a pair
Leather handles, swivels on quality chain.
Longer burn Fire Poi with 45cm of KEVLAR wick @ $80 (AUD) per pair
Fire Poi can be tailor made to your requirements.


  Day Ribbon and U.V Poi $45(AUD) a pair
Made from Aerodynamic brightly coloured material. No tangle swivels and soft handles for blister free poi fun! U.V colours available.


  Fire Devil Sticks $65 (AUD)
Constructed of strong aluminum, these sticks will not bend. Leather grip with sparkle. Precisely balanced, supplied with rubber holding sticks. Includes Devil Stick instruction

  Rhythm Sticks $35 (AUD)
Sometimes called Devil Sticks, Flower Sticks, Juggling Sticks or Tricky Sticks.
Perfectly weighted, wrapped in rubber, and sparkle to catch the light. Made for strength and flight, suitable for hacky-style kick tricks. Includes Cross bar, 2 x holding sticks, written instruction & a handy tie to keep them all together. U.V colours available.


  Giant Bubble Maker $10(AUD)
Our Bubble Wand and Recipe can make bubbles up to 1 meter long. Gasp as they float along, Great safe fun for young and old alike!


Discount prices are available with bulk purchases and when included with group workshops.
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