Stilt Walking



We have many sets of well-developed Roving Stilt Characters, many of which can offer basic balloon sculpting. This enables us to entertain at a broad spectrum of events, from the zany ultra violet light of a Dance Party or Arts Event to the sophistication of Senor and Senoritta at a “Black tie Ball.” Our Spaghetti Cowboys certainly kick up the dust in the Outback and our giant chefs, the “Chefs with Altitude” are a must for any Food Event!
Our roving stilt walkers are a great way to add visual pleasure – “Eye Candy” to any event, with the beauty of costume, composure and of course size, we are a must have!



Cast Members



Senor and Senorita Los Tall Persona.
This giant roving Latino couple are sophisticated, well educated and carry themselves with grace, he tipping his hat to the ladies and she fluttering her fan as the gentlemen compliment her. They are quiet and well mannered, dressed immaculately and very versatile, perfect for old world themes and black tie events.


Cyber Team. * * *
These silver suited stilt walkers are from somewhere else for crowd maintenance! They sparkle and shine, help with directions and of course assist with smiles, they come complete with toys for juggling and twirling, armed with bubble gun and whistles. They cruise the crowds spreading laughter and fun wherever they go!!

Great at entrance ways and carparks for festivals to relieve the tedium of queing and parking. Helping with orientation, giving out giving out maps and the latest update!

  Spaghetti Cowboys. * * *
Luuzzy and Big Bad Bart are ridin high with 20-gallon hats, shiny chaps and the flashiest cowboy shirts you ever did see! Boy are they dandy. Luuzzy Laaszoo, she so sweet, a slow talkin pig-tailed cowgirl, with or without her roving pony “Rover”. Big Bad Bart, he is raucous and brash, he has been out on the trail too long, as his five o’clock shadow and lack of teeth show. His hoss “Bag’o’Bones” is a mite worn out and just a little unruly. Watch the crowds’ laugh as they gallop and trot on by!
  Pretty In Pink. * * *
Babe-e-liscuos and Bodacious Bob are a flirtatious, hilarious couple all glammed up and Pretty in Pink and don’t they know it! These “Southerners “ can bubble away with bubbles of all sizes, baby bubbles, big bubbles and giganta bubbles. Guaranteed to create a stir, you will see them coming a mile away!
  Ride the Gumsnake Serpent
2 jockeys ride the Gumsnake Serpent across the top of your dance floor. Our Serpent is suspended between two stilt walkers to create this illusion, he concertinas in and out 1 to 6 metres as he glides through the crowd. Gumsnake is fully flexible and reflects any colour, he glows in pitch black and of course is designed to shine at his optimum under ultra-violet light. Gumsnake has been purpose built for dance parties and is also suitable for night parades. During the day ‘Gumsnake’ transforms into the creation creature ‘The Rainbow Serpent!’
  Chefs with Altitude.
There’s no order too tall and no order too small for these culinary characters. Executive de Tall Chef and Apprentice de Small Chef are the vital ingredient for any wine and food fair, gastronomic or hospitality event. Dressed in traditional Chefs attire with flying fish, fake fruit and a large wooden spoon. They Dish out their recipe for success and serve up big smiles, your patrons will be coming back for more!
  Pascal the Puppeteer
Pascal and his perfect puppet Penelope are a roving human marionette show. Great for children’s gatherings, Teddy Bears Picnics, children’s birthday parties… Pascal will move his puppet about introducing himself and Penelope to children and parents shaking hands and saying Hello. Penelope can be magically brought to life and is let to roam free, sharing bubbles, poi and other children’s delights. Pascal introduces Buzz the Buzzard who loves his pats, for more fun with the children. These character costumes also glow under ultra-violet light and are perfect for a ‘walk by’ for a gallery or theatre events.
  The Friendly Wizard
An illusionist, with sleight of hand, cards, coins, smooth movement and flowing cape he appears to glide and float effortlessly above the ground, originally created for an Arts Event as a Warlock, the finest of all demons. Our warlock is guaranteed to scare the devil out of you. Ideal for Halloween and Guy Fawkes, often paired with Babe-e-licious to represent Good over Evil, or with the “Little Devil” for a “Hell fire Show”
  High Profile Promotions
Where high visibility is a must! When you want your company name and logo head and shoulders above the rest! Our promotional stilt walkers each have 4 metres of leg advertising space available, dressed with shirts, hats, flags, banners, balloons emblazoned with your company name and/or logo, your business will get the attention it deserves. For HIGH-CLASS advertising and spruiking our stilt walkers are a must!
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