Fire Performance



Fire Twirling is a fun and powerful form of Entertainment that is becoming increasingly popular Globally. It is a fantastic way to start an evening, perfect for sunset. It is often used as a way to pick up the tempo of the night, after a corporate dinner to encourage movement for dancing. Fire Dancing is a visual highlight and can be the Main event or can be used as a Cameo between other performances, whilst the stage is being changed over.
First Light Entertainment Fire Shows have a Multicultural Aspect, with the types of equipment used originating from around the world and are suitable for all ages.

“Its Flammable”
25 minutes of Choreographed Fire Dancing Excitement! Featuring spinning Poi, Staff and Devil sticks of all Sizes, Coloured Flames, Fire Eating and of course FIRE DANCING ON STILTS! This show has high energy and is complemented by glitzy costumes and high skill level that will leave your audience bug-eyed.

“Fearless Fee and Fireman Fred”
Fireman Fred starts the show by roping off an area for Fearless Fee to strut her stuff. He is safety wise and equipped with all the tools of his trade. He monitors the crowd and is responsible for all safety issues as Fearless Fee mesmerizes her audience as she eats fire and happily shows off her Fire Poi Staff and Stick skills.

3-8 Minutes of Fire Twirling Action, Short and Sharp, Maximum Impact in a Short Time, On or Off Stilts, Indoors or Outside!


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